Tom - Lose Yourself EP feat. Rose (PALOMA007)

Tom - Lose Yourself EP feat. Rose (PALOMA007)

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We would like to present Paloma's seventh release: Tom feat. Rose - Lose Yourself EP

Throughout club music history, the combination of vocals and groove remains a vital element. Countless anthems have prompted singing on the floor, and have raised arms in the air. There might have been times where vocals mattered less, but right now they are probably more needed than ever.

Tom & Rose are well aware of all that, and they were willing to place themselves and their music in a tradition of dancefloor euphoria, universal messages and a bit of bittersweetness. Together they created these tunes as a testament to better times gone and ahead.

"How Wrong" is the sound of heartbreak, albeit locked in a UKG tinged sureshot that swings back and forth with ease between jubilant piano bliss and monolithic bass weight. And it kicks like a mule. "Lose Yourself" is both an ageless acid slam and a joyful paean dedicated to all nights that should never end. While the No Hope Dub is designed to be the soundtrack for blowing a nocturnal kiss to everyday sorrows.

Also included: complementary remixes by Eluize and Massimiliano Pagliara that come up with a different take, but a similar vision.

Enjoy the music, and stay safe!