Roy Davis Jr. - Classics Remastered (ATJ015)

Roy Davis Jr. - Classics Remastered (ATJ015)

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 Roy Davis Jr. was part of Phuture and then moved on to New York to record for Strictly Rhythm and DJ Duke's Power Music label. He was one of the main players in the 1990s House Music biz and is still very active until today.

Power Music issued his first long player „The Secret Mission“ and a number of Maxis. Some of his classics got reissued in 1996, sometimes remixed, re-edited and/or a bit faster than the original versions.

This remastered edition contains four of his biggest jams, carefully remastered by Thomas P. Heckmann (TPH). „2B Or Not 2B“ and „Heart Attack“ exist in two different versions, all included as a „digital only“ bonus.

Expect the best Chicago House, „Wild Pitch“ and the New York House sound can offer: Rolling drums, heavy snares, wild filter sweeps and slammin' vocals!