Purple Kush - Make Your Mind Up (CUNT032)

Purple Kush - Make Your Mind Up (CUNT032)

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Club U Nite Records presents 'Purple Kush': A Captivating Journey through Energetic House and Reggae Dub Fusion

Named after the renowned cannabis strain, 'Purple Kush' exudes a captivating blend of energetic house tracks and relaxing reggae dub elements.

On the A-side, prepare to be enchanted by the groove of 'Let The Spirit Flow.' This track's driving beats, pulsating rhythms, and deep house organ theme create an irresistible dancefloor anthem that will elevate the energy of any party.

Continuing the sonic journey on the A-side, 'La Bahia' takes us back to the roots of old-school house music. With its addictive organ riff and swing beat, this song instantly transports listeners to a nostalgia-laden dancefloor where the vibe is contagious.

Flipping the record to the B-side, 'Make Your Mind Up' keeps the momentum going with its pumping beats and soulful vocal samples. This track demands to be heard on a club's sound system, as it kickstarts an infectious dance atmosphere that will keep party-goers moving until the early hours.

Rounding off the vinyl, 'Purple Kush Theme' takes us on a mellow yet captivating journey. Seamlessly blending house vocal samples with the laid-back vibes of reggae dub, this track presents a refreshing fusion that invites listeners to let loose and unwind.