Kirill Matveev - Pegasus & Sour Faces (In The Zoo) (MUDX001)

Kirill Matveev - Pegasus & Sour Faces (In The Zoo) (MUDX001)

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MUD TRAX, new to the MixCult Records gang, shows off its first big thing, Kirill Matveev - Please Convince Me EP. This bold 4-song EP calls all dancers and tune lovers to jump into a mix-up of beats that dare to change modern electric tunes.

Kirill Matveev's "Never Losing That Track" (A1) gets a boost from Havantepe, mixing thick bass vibes with sharp hits that set the dance floor on fire with zest and style. The remix shows how to blend old-school cool with new-school rules without a hitch.

A2 gives us Kirill Matveev's "Pegasus & Sour Faces (In the Zoo)», a piece that really sets a feel-heavy vibe. The blend of old tribe beats with sleek new flows makes a spellbinding beat that pulls you in, makes you move, and sends you on an upbeat mood trip. A burst of TB-303 tune that jumps in adds a bold kick to the song, making it a hit on the EP. For Kirill Matveev, this track, “Pegasus,” keeps coming back in different sets as he keeps building on an idea that's always growing.

On the other side, Kirill Matveev's own spin of "Never Losing That Track" (B1) grabs the spotlight, with a deeper tour into the catchy beat and rich mix of sounds. The song unfolds like an adventure, where each pound adds to the last to build a deep, spell-like feel.

Ending the set is "Choo Choo" (B2) by Electric & Nixxie, turned on its head by Kirill Matveev. The remix keeps the heavy bass beat but throws in Kirill's tune style, making a sound that's both known and just-refreshed. The mix of parts brings a beat full of life, great for moving from one style to a big moment.

MUD TRAX stands as proof of how electric music keeps changing, where old tunes meet new ideas to make a sound that's forever fresh and sharp. So come on, follow the beats, and feel the new type of magic in MUDX001 with your own ears.