Jonahlo- Acid Days (RT002)

Jonahlo- Acid Days (RT002)

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After our debut vinyl release “Cosmic Vibrations” with Rush City x Handerk we are ready to present our second vinyl release. This time one of our label founders Jonathan Lopez A.K.A Jonahlo wants to take you in a psychedelic journey on his new EP “ACID DAYS”; a four track EP where each track gets you through a different state of mind.

Jonahlo is an amazing musician, jazz bass player and producer from Bogotá, Colombia. He has released music on labels such as Nomada Records, Night Young and Otayana Records.

This trip starts with “Acid Days”; a superb Deep House anthem with layers of evolving sounds, exquisite melodies and uplifting chord progressions that make us take off and start feeling 100% positive. You can hear samples from cinema describing how it feels when you start connecting and being one with nature.

The following track is “Particles”; on this track Jonahlo goes deeper, evoking hypnotic and far-sighted moods of melancholy. At this point we start pondering about the universe’s infinite dimension and imagining particles vibrating as we fall into our deepest thoughts.

On the flip- side we bump into “Lost Mind”, a percussive deep techno with spacey and bleepy sounds reminding us that 90’s uk old-school style. Now is the time to get lost in the moment after going through the trip’s hard peak where you really start letting go.

The release closes with “It’s Alright”; a good vibe deep sampled house track that tell us to take it easy, to just relax and appreciate life.

The Album cover was disigned by incredible Colombian artist Jose Mejía which represents a flower going through the process of questioning oneself and coming out transformed on the other side. It is a process of exploration, discovery, and rebirth.