Impostor Syndrome - Artificial Owl (AOR003)

Impostor Syndrome - Artificial Owl (AOR003)

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Imposter Syndrome is the new album on Artificial Owl Recordings from Michigan based musician and artist, Orbital Patterns (Abdul Allum)
The third installment on our record label is a magnificent sound journey, full of emotions, created by a modular synth workflow that describes Abdul’s signature sound and vision.

"A psychological phenomenon where a person doubts their own abilities, internalizing a deep fear of being revealed as fraudulent"

As an artist, one of the many questions I think about is: how much of this is skill & how much of it is dumb luck? Or choice in synth voice? Or what dsp?
The fear that I might only be as good as my equipment, or my mix, or some other thing that tugs at the fragile fabric of my ego.
That fear is constant.
The endless, stalwart companion on a musical journey that is composed of decades.
And it always will be.
Challenging my comfort zones.
Forever leaving me with the question:
How much of this is skill & how much of it is dumb luck?”

Written between the summer of 2020 & 2022, "Imposter Syndrome" is a modular synth 10 track album utilizing looping modules & pedals with a combination of digital & analog processing.