Daniela La Luz  - System Reset" 2x12" (DOBH005)

Daniela La Luz - System Reset" 2x12" (DOBH005)

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Unique and boundary-pushing artist Daniela La Luz announces her highly anticipated 3rd album, ‘System Reset’. For the first time, Daniela has personally compiled all the music and artworks, showcasing her signature diversity in this 11-track collection of genre-blending gems, while remaining rooted in electronic dance music.

The album will be released on double vinyl on June 1st and digitally on June 21st on her record label 'Dimension Of Being Human', founded during the pandemic.

Having spent a decade in Berlin, Daniela now resides in Munich, infusing her diverse experiences into this LP.

Daniela introduces 'System Reset':

"Due to a cascade of personal crises, I needed a 'System Reset' and chose this title to draw a parallel to our planet's circumstances and the duality of life and death.

This album is a mix of dancefloor-oriented pieces and acapellas, ranging from classic house to techno and dub, flavored with electro, wave, jazzy, and breakbeat influences. Amidst the hedonistic and fun-loving existence of modern humans, the fundamental theme of duality highlights the rising troubles of our sick planet. We seem to not understand the difference between civilization and technology, feeling invincible. Nevertheless, life and death coexist as the world keeps turning.

Half of 'System Reset' was written and recorded in Berlin, the other half in Munich, connecting my past, present, and future. The artworks were AI-generated. The double vinyl artwork prints include all lyrics for sing-along purposes. I sing in English, Polish, and Arabic.

What's important about my musical works: The initial first take, the first wave of intense creative energy and emotion, carves the path for a composition. 'The Power Of The Now' marks my workflow as a producer, musician, songwriter, and singer. It defines my style and excludes overworking my compositions endlessly. When it's written, it's written. The unique vibe of the moment dominates over the perfect, endlessly refined sound engineering. Each track is crafted with the same care and spontaneity.

The album funding from 'Initiative Musik' allowed me to collaborate with others and manage all involved processes. For the first time, I let others handle the mixing of my music. The sound and structure remained unchanged, but several parts received noticeable sound improvements. Most tracks on this LP were mixed by Tobi Neumann and J Manuel at Riverside Studios Berlin, with mastering by Manmade in Berlin."