Alex Noto - Fastback (GR003)

Alex Noto - Fastback (GR003)

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Fasten your seatbelt! this is a house and techno record label based in Montréal, Canada.

Gasoil Records wants to share emotions with a driving rhythmic, surrounded by timeless evolving sounds.

Why Gasoil is associated to the automotive,
The word automotive comes from the Greek Autos (self), and Latin Motivus (Motion), that is exactly what we want to transmit, each track will take you elsewhere, always in motion.

Music gives feelings from one individual to another, it takes you to a well-defined destination but also to the unknown, which brings us all back to Gasoilʼs eye catcher, Iconic cars, each and one of them gave you that memory, that feeling at this very moment in time and space, it is the exact same feeling with music.